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Lines of business


We plan and execute transports for agriculture products and agricultural productive inputs and materials. We have integrated the systems and operating procedures of all parties into one logistic configuration in the agriculture order-delivery process. Product delivery orders move electronically from trade and industry systems to Movere’s system, where individual orders are combined into shipments. Transport planning considers different material flows, creates schedules and delivers the orders to the transport operators. In addition, we take care of e.g. informing the recipients and other parties of incoming shipments.

As the largest transporter of agriculture products in Finland, our sufficient volume enables the efficient use of capacity by combining material flows all year long, and simultaneously sufficient capacity to ensure deliveries during high seasons. The transported products include e.g. grains, animal feeds, fertilisers, seeds, plant protective agents as well as machines and equipment needed in agriculture.

Building materials industry 

We transport different products of building materials industry from factories straight to construction sites and stores. Especially in the deliveries to construction sites, unloading the products by the driver with the unloading devices of the vehicle is an important part of the service.

The exact scheduling of deliveries is crucial for the fluency of construction site operations.

Forest industry

Typical characteristics of forest industry transport include large volumes, volume fluctuations and short delivery times. As a large transport volume operator, we are a reliable logistics partner capable of providing product deliveries for both chemical and mechanical forest industry.

Paper, carton, cellulose, chemicals and different semi-finished products as well as sawn timber, downstream products and sheets form a significant part of our daily deliveries.

Chemical industry 

We transport chemical industry products and raw materials in Finland and the neighbouring regions. The services include e.g. tank surface monitoring system to ensure timely deliveries. The services also include informing the customers of incoming shipments.

Safety is emphasised in chemical industry transport. We employ very strict quality and safety standards. The vehicles used are always in compliance with current legislation and regulations. In addition, the driver has valid licenses and training to transport the product as well as personal safety equipment.