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Hankkija Oy

Hankkija Oy is a trader of agriculture, machinery, garden and hobby animal products. Movere Oy provides logistics for Hankkija Oy. Logistics include the transport, storage and shipments of Hankkija Oy products, and developing the order-delivery chain. Logistics also include managing orders and other information flow, producing reports and processing data for process development.

In Hankkija Oy’s logistics, the shipments mainly consist of agriculture products and agricultural productive inputs. The delivered products include grains, animal feeds, fertilisers, seeds, agriculture machines, plant protective agents, building supplies and other products of the chain.

Animal feeds

Suomen Rehu products are delivered by trained and competent contract <s>drivers</s> carriers. The shipments belong to the in-house control programme monitored by Evira. The in-house control programme includes e.g. monitoring the regular sanitation and disinfection of transport vehicles and an all-encompassing control and follow-up system. Suomen Rehu products are transported in a so-called closed delivery chain, prohibiting the vehicles from transporting feed from other producers or other possible hygiene risk merchandise.


We transport the fertilisers sold by Yara Suomi Oy and Hankkija Oy. Field, forest and garden fertilisers are shipped all year long, but high season is in spring. Most of the fertilisers are transported with the driver unloading the shipment with the vehicle’s crane to a place directed by the recipient. The deliveries are made by drivers who know their delivery areas and customers.


The seeds sold by Hankkija Oy are delivered to farmers from seed centres in Alastaro and Hyvinkää, Seed deliveries are mainly timed for spring, and they are provided by transport operators who are familiar with their delivery areas and customers’ unloading locations.


The tractors and foreign working machines sold by Hankkija Oy mainly enter the country through the import terminal of Turku. Competent drivers deliver the machines and equipment from Turku terminal and domestic producers straight to the customers all over Finland. The planning and supervision of shipments is centralised in Turku.

AIV solutions

AIV solutions are either delivered as bulk in tank trucks to the customers’ own tanks, or ready-packed in containers. The shipments are made using special vehicles and they have delivery area-based schedules. The exact schedules are available from the AIV solution provider.