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History of Movere Oy

In the late 1990s, agriculture productive input providers Kemira Agro Oy and Suomen Rehu Oy started to consider improving the competitiveness of logistics. There had been a great increase in the significance of logistics, both economically and strategically. This development led the companies to found Movere Oy in autumn 1997. The third owner of the company was Telecom Finland Oy (later Sonera Oy) that aimed to develop information technology and to operate as a systems integrator in logistics.

The company started on 1.1.1998. Since the beginning, the goal was to gain customers and long-term partners among the leading companies in size and delivery volume from lines of business with complementary material flows.

In spring 2002, Sonera sold their share of Movere to other shareholders. In summer 2003, Hankkija-Maatalous Oy started as Movere’s owner through directed issue. Later, after changes in the business environment of the owners, Movere Oy’s owners are Hankkija Oy (2/3) and Yara Suomi Oy (1/3) as of 1.1.2009.

Movere Oy’s operations have grown and developed year by year, and today we are leaders in agriculture logistics and one of the largest operators in building materials and chemical industry logistics.